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Tippy Canoes
The place to meet your friends for great food, drink, events, music and fun!

Seasonal Hours

Monday-Wednesday 10:30am–10pm
Thursday 10:30am–12am
Friday 10:30am–1am
Saturday 10am–1am
Sunday 10am–10pm

High Quality Ingredients

Our locally sourced meat is freshly ground and prepared in-house, burgers are hand-pattied, and grilled to your requested temperature.

Homemade Pizza

Our thin, tavern-style crust is made in-house then topped with homemade pizza sauce from sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes from Stanislaus. The
whole milk mozzarella cheese comes with a hint of buffalo milk to make this one tasty pizza.

Smoked Meats

Our delicious, tender, fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, are slow cooked in-house to perfection using local meat from Peterson's Meats.

Signature Menu Items

Tippy Canoes has several signature meals only available in Osceola, Wisconsin. These premium menu items are made with the finest ingredients and ones you won't want to miss.

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